Publicações 2019

Até o momento temos 5 publicações no ano 2019.

  1. BRITO, V. B. M. ; SANTOS, G. F. ; SILVA, T. D. S. ; SOUZA, J. L. C. ; MILITAO, G. C. G. ; MARTINS, F. T. ; SILVA, F. P. L. ; OLIVEIRA, B. G. ; ARAUJO, E. C. C. ; VASCONCELLOS, M.L.A.A. ; LIMA-JUNIOR, C. G. ; ALENCAR FILHO, E. B. Synthesis, anti-proliferative activity, theoretical and 1H NMR experimental studies of Morita-Baylis-Hillman Adducts from isatin derivatives.MOLECULAR DIVERSITY, 2019.
  2. SANTOS, A. A. ; BRITO, V. B. M. ; CASTRO SILVA, J. W. ; ALENCAR FILHO, E. B. Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) Study of Resveratrol-Oxadiazole Hybrids with Antiproliferative Activity in Breast Cancer Cells.REVISTA VIRTUAL DE QUÍMICA, v. 11, p. 475-487, 2019.
  3. CARVALHO, T. G. C. ; SANTOS, I. M. ; BEDOR, C. N. G. ; ALENCAR FILHO, E. B. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Construction of a SIMCA Classification Model to Monoterpenes and Analogs with Larvicidal Activity in Aedes aegypti. REVISTA VIRTUAL DE QUÍMICA, v. 11, p. 411-424, 2019.
  4. CAMILA B. FRANCISCO1, CLEVERTON S. FERNANDES1, ULISSES Z. de MELO1, ROBERTO RITTNER2, GISELE F. GAUZE1 and ERNANI A. BASSO*1. Strong hyperconjugative interactions limit solvent andsubstituent influence on conformational equilibrium: the case of cis-2-halocyclohexylamines. Beilstein J. Org. Chem.2019
  5. Chan, R.. N-Body Simulations of Gas-Free Disc Galaxies with SMBH Seed in Binary Systems. International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, v. 09, p. 173-190, 2019.